Last month it was revealed that some of the Chinese officials hacked US companies to acquire trade secrets ,and now again a revelation comes out against China that its hacking group linked to Shanghai-based unit 61486 of the People’s Liberation Army 12th bureau may have targeted U.S. defense and European satellite and aerospace industries since 2007, according to network security company CrowdStrike Inc.

Chinese Hackers
Five Chinese Officials Wanted by FBI after Last month revelation of China spying US for Trade Secrets

The hacking group known as Putter Panda and continuing its spying since 2007. CrowdStirke were tracking them from several years and they decided after the indictment of the Chinese officers to publish a report on their findings, to call attention to the breadth of the military’s actions.

It is opening more truths and evidence behind the last hack, which was completely denied by the Chinese Government by saying “America should stop playing victim because America is the No. 1 hacking empire in the world.”

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told journalists, “Instead of reflecting on its own mistakes, the American side has intensified its behaviour. I don’t think this is very constructive.”

Hacking Command Room:

The Putter Panda said to be a part of the 12th Bureau of the PLA’s 3rd General Staff Detaprtment based in Shanghai, CrowdStrike said.

They Identified Chen Ping (cpyy)—Responsible for administration behind the malware used in the attacks and for the domains too which being used in exploiting the popular productivity applications such as Adobe (ADBE) Reader and Microsoft Office to deploy custom malware through targeted e-mail attacks, domains are registered by Chen Ping.

How they cyber-attacking?

According to the CrowdStrike research the group targeted victims with custom malware disguised as emails that containing PDF Invitations to aerospace and satellite conferences, job postings and also used the brochure of a Yoga Studio in Toulouse.

Once clicking the Files, they download malicious programs onto victim’s computer and after that they can see other devices and networks you connected to and eventually steal trade secrets and design schematics for satellite and aerospace technology.

Action of Reaction:

Just after few days of news came out that China is accused of hacking into US companies, It was the headline that the United States government may use visa restrictions to prevent Chinese hackers from attending the most important hacking conferences that will be held in Las Vegas this August: DefCon and Black Hat. Read a Full Report HERE.

You can read and download a Full Report from CrowdStrike Here.

SOURCE: CrowdStrike | NyTimes



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