Reuters were informed on Saturday that the United States government may use visa restrictions to prevent Chinese hackers from attending the most important hacking conferences that will be held in Las Vegas this August: DefCon and Black Hat.

This measure will be “part of a broad effort to curb Chinese cyber espionage” Reuters reported. The war between China and US regarding cyber espionage is not new, just Monday five members of the Chinese military were charged for hacking and stealing secrets from US companies. This was the first time the United States had officially accused another government of hacking.

Founder of DefCon and Black Hat conferences, Jeff Moss,  and a member of the Black Hat review board, Chris Wysopal, were both in disbelief about these restrictions. Black Hat discussions are taped and sold after the conference so preventing Chinese hackers from being there would not impair their hacking abilities. “It seems symbolic to me,” Wysopal  mentioned to Reuters. More than that, a couple of Chinese nationals are presenting speeches at the Black Hat conference, although there aren’t any on the speech list for DefCon.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the United States has the target set on the corporate espionage performed by the Chinese government and is looking for alternate methods to eradicate it, including “working with a US company that has been breached to feed hackers bad data”.

Another report by Reuters states that “Ten to 12 Chinese citizens were unexpectedly denied visas last week to attend a space and cyber conference hosted by the Space Foundation in Colorado this week,”  and it seems that the United Stated had already started taking some measures.



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