A Private Network has been built by Hackers, they showed up their success in Conference at     Defcon, they have created their own GSM Network by which they can do everything like making phone calls, texting, chatting, holding conference calls, and playing a sword-fighting game. There are additional apps being created by people who are using the phone through

Android’s IDE (Integrated Development Environment), 

All the things are same which we do in a normal phone.

Screenshot of the Tower Van by CNET -:

These phones are now distributing by THE NINJA HACKERS to those people who have contributed to the community and to their lucky friends. (Defcon attendees can also get in by donating blood or signing up to donate bone marrow, or donating money to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.)

There are 650 Phones in their Private Network and the Phones are HTC One V phones running Android 4.0.3. Calls can be routed over the private GSM network or over Defcon’s Wi-Fi network. The network is not encrypted and there is no emergency call phone number.

Ninjas declined to say how much the operation cost for the phones and all the equipment, paid for and otherwise supported by Facebook, Zynga, AllJoyn, and Lookout, whose workers worked on the Android development.

Photos and Description by Cnet



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