Two hackers has been arrested for stealing the personal data of 8.5 million customers of the nation’s second biggest mobile operator. Hackers had detailed information about the customers names, phone numbers and residential registration numbers which they

were using to sold the information to Tele Marketing Firms & they are doing this from Five months.
“The number of affected people account for nearly a half of about 17 million customers of ours,” a KT spokesman told AFP, adding the company had alerted police on July 13 after detecting traces of hacking attacks.Yonhap news agency, citing police, said the duo –including a former veteran programmer at a local IT company –had earned at least $880,000 by selling the stolen data.

Seven other people were also booked for buying the leaked data for telemarketing purposes, Yonhap said.

“We deeply bow our head in apology for having your precious personal information leaked… we’ll try our best to make such things never happen again,” KT said in a statement to customers.





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