An attack on Delhi University English department’s site has been done , this attack has been done when  hundreds of Mphil Entrance Candidates awaited their Final result and on that day the result was going to be declared.

The website has been attacked two times on a same day, a white screen greeted the candidates searching the website frantically since the morning. 

By which we can assume the security of Indian Government is really low & they should improve their security.

The URL attributed the hacking to ‘brilliant eyes’ in the morning, changing to ‘Nanga’ with a smiley by evening. 

This is the third time when the website attacked, In June during the Common Entrance Test for English (CATE) this type of attack has been come in front of us

‘Our website is getting hacked on significant days. It got hacked again on Thursday morning but we managed to restore it by 1 pm. The hacker acted again in the evening and the website became unavailable for the second time in the same day,’ the head of the department, Professor Sambudha Sen, said. 

The result was made available to the candidates around 5 pm when the department restored the website again. 

‘We are taking this problem very seriously. It has happened during CATE, MA admissions and now MPhil entrance results. We will try and see what we can do about it,’ Sen said.

Now all of the University officials are blaming to website vendor for this attack and they are saying to Improve their security.



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