Torrent websites have been known to provide pirated content on the web and that is why a lot of them have been closed down in the past year. After shutting down famous websites like Kickass torrents and, it was Extrattorent’s turn.

Extratorrent has been known to be a reliable source of torrents for millions out there for a long time. The website has been closed down permanently and you will not be able to find it any longer on the web. Neither will any of the proxy servers work which were used by many to access Extratorrents after it got blocked in certain parts of the world.

It has been made official by the website and can be seen on their homepage. If you open the website, you can see a clear message on the front page stating that it has been shut down for good. They bid farewell to millions of regular users. The message states : “ExtraTorrent has shut down permanently”.

extratorrent shuted down permanently

Extratorrent closed down on Wednesday. The statement tells everyone that the website with all its mirrors will be going down forever. All the data has been erased. Extratorrent has also requested people to stay alert for fake websites and clones that will try to use the name. They thank all of their followers for believing in them for so long.

However, the reason for this shutdown is still not known by anyone but after seeing the word “permanent” arise in the official statement it is pretty clear that there is no coming back.

site Extratorrent closed down

Extratorrent started more than 10 years ago back in November 2006 and has managed to be the 2nd largest torrent website in the whole world, second just to Piratebay who also has a very active group of visitors. The users shall be disappointed but these activities related to Torrent websites have been common in the recent past and it’s something everyone would be expecting at one time or the other.

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