Bell is one of the leading Telecom companies in the world at the moment and has been holding a reputation for itself. However, a recent breach to its database has left everyone with questions about their cyber security measures.

Bell has recently put forth an official apology to its customers after 1.9 million Bell Customer email addresses stolen along with 1700 personal contact details were reported stolen from Bell’s database. The stolen data was posted online anonymously but Bell representatives failed to give any confirmation about the data’s connection to them.

Bell Email Addresses stolen

The Hacking source has not been identified yet according to Bell’s official statement, as they have pointed at an “anonymous hacker”. They have also told their customers that investigations are being done in collaboration with RCMP to take care of this theft.

According to the company, there has been no trail found for any theft related to financial info, passwords or any other kind of sensitive information of users. The occurrence has nothing to do with ransomware activities that are on the rise these days and have taken a toll of more than 2 lac computer systems all over the world.

The timing of this intrusion is still unknown to the security team that is working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Other details about the breach are also yet to be determined and a deep examination of Bell’s systems is being carried out.

Customer Email Addresses stolen

An event of similar nature took place 3 years ago, when a group of young hackers were found to have breached and stolen more than 22000 usernames and passwords along with multiple credit card numbers. The RCMP charged these people immediately.

The attackers have warned everyone, especially Bell that more leaks of the same nature may occur in the future. The hackers have posted a chunk of information stolen from the Bell servers and marked it as proof because the company had failed to show cooperation towards them. Many questions have been asked after this statement about Bell’s willingness to protect its customers.

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