According to leaked information, Apple’s MacBook Pro might just get equipped with a retina display within a few months. Speaking about the rumour, Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI securities and 9to5man, who has reliable information about the development affirmed that this has to be something more than a mere specification bump.

The technology giant intends to maintain two main screen sizes: a 13-inch and a 15-inch type which will have more power. But what’s remarkable is that the laptops will most likely be endowed with a light, thin design, making them much more like the MacBook Air.

However if you own a MacBook Pro, then you might be aware that the laptop’s communication ports greatly affect its thickness. The rumoured retina model is said to be no thicker than a USB port, an HDMI port, or a Thunderbolt port.

Now, how will Apple make such a design work? The key lies in the USB-C port. It’s a thinner version of USB and Apple is already making use of it for their 12-inch retina display. The company appears to plan to go beyond that. They might just get rid of USB ports altogether and replace them with USB-C ports. The same goes for Thunderbolt ports which could easily be made compatible with USB-C ports. In the same vein, Apple could use the USB-C port to get rid of its MagSafe Connector. The HDMI port might also be replaced with a mini HDMI port.

apple macbook pro 2016 id sensor touch oled

The rumours also include the addition of a Touch ID sensor to the MacBook. It is a convenient feature for security purposes but it can also have an application for other tasks, like online shopping with Apple Pay.

The final improvement is a little unusual. Your keyboard might now be coming with a small OLED touchscreen right on top. While Apple has never designed macs with touchscreens, this new feature will come with shortcuts depending on the app in use. This is by far the most unusual addition to the MacBook Pro.

apple macbook pro 2016 id sensor touch oled

For enhanced processing power, Apple will also equip the new MacBook Pro with the latest Intel Skylak processors. There is also a new keyboard design that resembles the Magic Keyboard which might making typing a much better task.

However, reports so far indicate that the new machine won’t be on the market until quarter 4 of 2016. Apple fans expected an announcement at the last WWDC, but the laptop will not be released just yet.



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