While the Google I/O keynote has already passed, News from the event seems to be still pouring in. A good number of stories about Android TV have come through. Firstly, one was made by Google and it tried to explain the details about their planned expansion. But nothing took the spotlight as did Spotify.

The owners of Spotify have made an official announcement about the much welcome move to extend its arm to TVs and set-top boxes.

The plan is to launch a brand new TV app that runs on Android OS. This is what anyone familiar with Spotify would expect from them as it enables users to browse albums, playlists, and artists using your Android-powered TV remote controller. By way of the Spotify Connect, you can also interact with your music right from your phone using the Spotify app.

spotify android tv

The app really brings your TV big screen to life as it fills it with album artwork when you play your music. In case you have yet to subscribe to the service, sign-up is possible right within the app and this will allow you to listen to free music immediately. The catch here, however, is that you will be subjected to ads from time to time. If they seem to be a bother, you can get rid of them for good by simply paying $10 per month.



This has been taken as great news by many Spotify users who couldn’t enjoy the service without a third party app called Emma for Spotify. The main problem was that Emma for Spotify required a premium subscription to have it on your TV. Today, however, anyone can enjoy the app without necessarily having a paid account.

However, users with a premium account will enjoy a better experience. They’ll have the ability to sync all their data and customized setting, allowing them to have features like resuming where they left and custom suggestions. They will also have access to higher quality music.

spotify android tv

Users also need to have Android Tv version 5.0 or better to be able to download Spotify. The app can currently be downloaded from the Play Store so long you have a compatible Sony BRAVIA. A Philips TV, Nexus Player or Nvidia Shield can also do the trick.

This comes as Nvidia announces a soon to come free Shield software update from its current version to version 3.2. This will give it the ability to stream the high dynamic range material (HDR), and of course, use Spotify.



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