Have you ever thought of an existing town full of online crooks and hackers who live a luxury life and drive expensive cars, No then you must visit Ramnicu Valcea , it is located at foothills of alps mountains where you will find meadowlands , crumbling houses , it will look very ordinary till the time you see a Mercedes Benz showroom and all luxury apartments , pent houses built on income from cybercrime.

The wealthy town will give a glimpse of what all money can do to your town as Ramnicu VAlcea is a busy city center with top notch cars like Bmw, Audi,Mercedes etc.

This is the city with 120000 residents and called Hackerville because the development is done with money from cybercrime.  A very small portion of crooks are professional hackers rest all are small crooks involved in malware or e commerce scams.

According to reports in past few years almost ten million dollars are poured over this city to develop it and make it look like paradise of hackers. They have night clubs , shopping centers and everything which is required by the residents.

The past of the city dealt with anti  government  riots due to which the country switched to make economy, initially there were a old chemical plant and a tourism industry which were running the entire city. Young people find it hard to get jobs in the city and thus struggled for their bread and butter.

Later the kids started playing around on Internet and soon they started conning  people on Internet. The entire internet scam got fueled in 2002 when kids and young teens got access to cheap Internet services.

They started their journey of hacking through small  activities and then they posted fake ads on eBay in which they receive payments from clients and never shipped their order through fake payment gateways.

It was initially a team work where someone  will  post fake ads , the next person will pick up wired money and third one will coordinate. Such activities fetched them thousands of hundred dollars from people in USA. The services got advanced when the hackers started fake escrow payments.

The cybercrime manifolds in Romania in past years and till 2005 it was known for cyber fraud buyers were terrified of sending their payments there. Money were send through arrows, arrows were people who used to take your money and travel to the distance and take a cut from the entire amount.

People in the Hackerville help each other in learning all tactics and programs to be used in hacking and cybercrimes. Online crime or thievery has provided a good lifestyle to people at Ramnicu Valcea’s.

This city is a place where lot of new comers are involved with hacking and a criminal start up is easy. There were  188 arrest in the city of Romania but it could not stop people from hacking and a lot of jobs for people.



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