A text editor was launched one &half year ago by GitHub. The text editor is called Atom. Atom took birth after a dedicated research of six years and made available for users with the beta status.

Atom is an open source text editor and it is mostly called a hackable text editor of 21 century. Now Atom has got matured with time with its latest version of 1.0

The popularity chart has widened with 350,000 active users. This hackable text editor got downloaded more than 1.3 million times and has extra functionalities to serve users.

Atom is getting glorious day by day as it has sent out 155 releases. Atom capabilities have increased with significant upgrades for performance. It has brought stability to application interface as well with an add-on feature of scrolling & typing and time.

With the advent of Atom, GitHub took text editor to fundamental school level as students will use them to develop an experienced hacker. Atom presence in hacking world is evident as it has vast user community with 2090 extensions with 667 themes available. Lately Facebook has launched a forked version of Atom which is Nuclide IDE text editor.

The 1.0 version of Atom is stable and now the entire GutHub team is working upon using the 1.0 version Atom with full functionality. The Atom developer’s team is quite promising as they will soon launch few more improvements for all areas of text editor which will be consisting of UX, international support and most important performance.

There are many text editors in the race as they are providing same experience to users to increase competition for Atom, but Atom’s position is strong as it is the only one with such a huge user community to develop and achieve the set targets for Atom.




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