In this new age when we all are connected digitally through social media platforms is good as well as bad for people.The  internet looks like a deamon to you when an embarrassing picture got published on any of social media platform making you feel sad and insulted.

At that very moment you want to sway off youself from internet. Is it the only way out to this situation,  no here are some points that will help you in getting rid of those stupid pictures posted by your friends, foes, cyber bullies and exes.

The  northwestern University surveyed that around 29% people tend to feel ashamed and stay in solitude because of embarrassing picture posted by their friends.

It is also a type of sexual assault when somebody posts sexually explicit picture without your consent. It is called revenge porn.

13 percent of people have shared their personal pictures over internet without their consent.

Such activities may lead to humiliation, loss of job, affected job prospects for near future and loss of self esteem and image in public.

Steps you need  to do when those pictures are on Facebook.

First the person must have tagged you in the picture remove the tag.

If you can’t remove the tag then ask any of friend to remove tag.

You can also send an email to [email protected]

Submit a complaint via the Facebook intellectual property infringement form.

You can also get help from other users and facebook staff at help community.

Submit a complaint via the Facebook  terms violation reporting form to get rid of insulting pictures.

Second steps to follow if your picture is at instagram.

Detag pictures by selecting hide from profile.

Select more options and then click on remove me from photos.

Or you can also report the photo to be inappropriate.

Third if they are on google

Then delete the old ones and create the new profiles with your site name.

Manage your online presence by posting safe content on these sites and take down the embarrassing pictures.

If they are on twitter then

Go to

Select the option of i am being directly mentioned and then fill the most relevant form and submit a report to Twitter officials.

The best way is to keep an eye on content on your websites and social media profiles.

More to this avoid giving pictures or taking pictures which can later put you in an awkward situation.



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