Privacy is of utmost importance, you want personal things to remain private like your phone. You might have kept a secret app for keeping your mobile applications locked. We hate the moment when people fiddle with our phone and try to unlock it. They try a lot of random passwords on your mobile phone making it either locked or hang for few minutes.

Many a times, there are people who might intrude in your phone to know your personal information. You as a user always look for a solution to this security issue.

Today, we have a solution for you. This solution is called Hidden eye, it is an Android app which will click a picture of anyone trying to intrude into your phone. The name is self- explanatory, it works as a hidden eye on for your mobile security.

How it works?

Just like other android apps it is easy to use. You just open this app and tap on off button which is located at middle to activate it. You can choose the options to get notification for. It is work on a simple basis, it clicks picture when anybody tries to unlock phone. The picture clicked get stored in intrusions folder or view intrusions in in your device.

This app provides you with three options, the first will make your phone ring after third attempt of intrusion, and the ring tone is set default. The second attempt notifies at notification bar. The third option gets you the picture of intruder , trying to unlock your phone.

hidden eye

With advent of such privacy feature we can ensure security and privacy of our mobile and information stored in it.

Similar applications are also there like hidden eye. Hidden eye also has an upgrade feature that will add free user interface and some more features to make it more beneficial  like it has a feature that will track your phone if gets stolen.



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