Many lives were lost in Middle Ages when Black Plague engulfed middle Asia , after centuries lives were again taken by Spanish flu . The count rose to millions in people who died of flu. From such incidents , people have learned a lot about their mistake and miss those steps that were not taken at that moment.

In 1946 , the center for diseases control is formed. This center is formed to learn lessons from disaster . This approach was adopted to gain understanding of such outcomes and how to plan their relief and prevention in future.


Today in this internet age we are dealing with different type of virus , malware which is most commonly found on Internet for decades. Now we know Morris worm,whale,stoned virii as a part of Internet viruses. These softwares are ancestors of their off spring which are stock and trade of economy and are insidious.


In 1998 we saw windows based platform getting hit by virus names as Melissa virus coded by lovesick.

Next year the same happened with chief scientist of a leading firm who received message in form of a mail that quoted I live you and which when clicked spreader like anything on screen for like 20 minutes.

world malware


This year there are lot of anti malware companies are working on how to counter malware attack. The steps of attack are identified in which first comes is when malware is discovered. Step two comes when malware’s code is analyzed. Step three is signatures which are pushed to clients. This would take less than couple of hours.

Here comes the role of centralized coordination mechanism. We should have this function this will help in naming those different malware that works in same pattern. When an outbreak is there , several companies are helpful in releasing a free tool to help people recover from. Infection.


But the question arises is where is our CDC.

malware trojan



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