Daily mail reported that almost 500 million people are putting their personal information at risk. As it is revealed that personal information cant be removed from phones even if they are dead. It is impossible to clear data from phones

Cambridge university revealed that information like private text, messages ,videos and other details can be easily extracted even if you have factory restored your phone.

A report by Cambridge University showed that private text messages, images, videos and email details can be recovered, even after a total wipe – or factory reset – has been done.

People who have sold their phone on websites like eBay can leave their data leaked and vulnerable to other people.

They can access third party applications whether you use sold away phones . The phones can still provide you private and sensitive information like email messages.

Your phone still has that saved data like your card information like financial information of banks and other card details.

Out of all information you can even find google tokens or synced data which is used through your phone like your gmail account details , you tube and images which are stored using google cloud services.

Many devices were tested in past which reveled that they phones are not still encrypted and information can still be accessed from your used phones.

Android is most widely used among mobile softwares. The most used and widely acclaimed is most unsafe. Technology giants like samsung and htc are investing a lot of amount on different android versions but that doesn’t make it safe.

50 percent of android 2.2 to 4.3 are at risk. Almost 500 million handsets are in queue of security breaches.

You can not wipeout your user information even of you fully discard your phone or restore it. Your majority of information will be leaked or accessed by anyone.

The reason behind this security breach or vulnerability is poor sanitation of phones which has put a break to innovation and growth to mobile industry.


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