Yemen have not expected this, Yemini hackers intruded 3000 computers and servers belonging to Riyadh’s foreign, interior and defense ministries and got high priority confidential Saudi Arabia documents which includes list of spies .

Yemen Cyber Army revealed that the documents only contained addresses and phone numbers with email of Saudi Arabia’s highest grade diplomats, ministry staff, secret agents and army personnel. They also got communication between Riyadh officials and other countries officials since 1980s.

Iranian semi –official Fars news agency also cited facts about this hack. Yemen got access to network that belongs to MOFA and they have gained several prime documents that states email , personal information , secret information of hundreds of MOFA staff.


Yemen have just published bits of data out of their vital information to let them know about hack and their weak security, Yemen Cyber Army has promised that only portions of data will be published to keep Saudi secret agents away from Yemen as they will fear their identity to be disclosed.

The details about Interior Ministry and Defense Ministry will be available for all in near future. The Hackers group has also notified of more coming to Riyadh Government so that they stop attacking Muslims in Yemen.

Airstrikes were resumed by Saudi Arabia against Yemen’s Houthi Militia last week.  Ceasefire stopped after five days to allow supply of food, fuel and medication for people who were suffering in conflict. Last September Houthi rebels controlled capital Sanna after throwing Sunni President.

UN humanitarian agency UNHCR revealed 1849 people were killed and approx. 7394 got injured in Yemini conflict. This crisis led people starving for food and short of fuel.




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