There are some frequently asked question that, how to hack Facebook account of others? How to be a hacker? How to do router compromised? And so many question like these.

This article is to cover up such questions answering. At the beginning, we will have to know about Ethical hacking.

So, now what is Hacking Ethically?

Hacking is one kind of skill. It is sadly but true is that, this sector may not be suitable for you. It does not suits to all. But most of the people want to do hacking just for fun. They want to hack friends Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail accounts just to make them fool or for fun.

Ethical Hacking is the technology betterment and testing of IT resources in good cases.

Generally and most of the cases, Computer researchers and security experts are the Ethical Hacker. They try to focus on the weakness of the organization security system.

To become the Ethical Hacker, one way is to get training from any of the Cyber Security University or you may join to online courses on IT training.

Now, the question may arise that, why should you join in Security Training Courses or in CSAT (Cyber Security Awareness Training)?

Obviously the main reason is to learn hacking ethically and to apply the programming knowledge in the network administrating. As security specialist. You may chose it for your future career to be security expert or online freelancer.

Now, the government and as well as the renowned business organizations look for an ethical hacker to maintain their security system strong and to prevent their confidential data to be theft.

There are incredible up lifting job sectors in Digital Forensics and Cyber Security for Ethical Hackers. Around 200,000 prestigious postings was fill up in 2013 on the position of Cyber Security, in a number of private and government organizations.

But, for learning the cyber security and hacking, it may be very expensive for you. To achieve a degree on cyber security or network security, you may need to spend hundred of dollars.

Solution is also there. There are many websites for free online training on Cyber Security, Hacking, networking etc. Those training programs are revolutionary if anybody seek for a IT career and also for them, who want to develop their hacking and as well hacking prevention skill.

There are a number of courses online for free. Among them, the highlighted subjects may be good for the cyber security purpose are:

  • Ethical Hacking
  • Malware Analysis
  • Python for Security
  • Social Engineering and Manipulation
  • Computer Forensics, etc.

There are a lot of resources like video tutorials, PDF, online guides in those training sites. You may give free exams also to evaluate your skill level. Hacking may also be a prestigious job for you, if you give afford on it with honesty.



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