On Thursday Wiki Leaks announced the emails and confidential emails which belong to Sony were found in a searchable online database.

The hack took place last year on November 24th in which all nationwide computers at Sony Pictures Entertainment displayed a threatening image saying Hacked by GOP, This is just a beginning and GOP threated SPE about the Sony’s secrets to be shown to world. They added series of link with their message. The link contained zip folders which had all data stolen by hacker.

Adding more to Sony torment, few days after Sony hack, torrent received four unreleased Sony movies which were seen by lacs of people in two to three days. torrent links were added to torrent trackers, containing four unreleased Sony movies, which had been reported to have been downloaded more than 100,000 times within a couple of days.

The data leaked by Wiki leaks consist of 173132 emails with 30287 documents is now free to be used by people as they can easily view, search and browse that data in a searchable online database.

Julian Assange revealed this incidence to be supported by some multinational corporation of high significance which could be Hollywood’s movie studio.

In response to this Wiki Leaks declaration, Sony spokesperson disagreed on the fact that data was available on a public domain as they consistently work on data security and safety. They won’t let confidential information of 6000 employees seen in public.

The blame game has started with blaming North Korea after Sony Hack. One of the major evidence which came in light is because of the movie The Interview. The villain looks similar to North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-Un. Reasons that popped up says it is been North Korea all along. Referring to the attack launched on South Korea in 2013 which holds a number of connections of same message and with use of similar malware and terminology for hack.

Cybersecurity firm has investigated several times but no real evidence has been found, raising the anxiety for the identity of attacker. If it is North Koreans behind the attack then there is no solid rational of doing such attacks.



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