With our hectic day-to-day lives and tight schedules, we have hardly any time for recreational activities and entertainment like going for a movie with friends or family, listening to music etc.

The thing which gives us that much-needed break from the boredom is the new smartphones which are our ultimate entertainment solution on the go.

With loads of apps in the market helping us to pick and choose, the tailor-made service is a boon for people who are always on the move. Want to hear a song?  Just get hold of an iPhone, open iTunes and enjoy!

The facilities from such phones are unparalleled now. It is like moving with a portable pocket computer anywhere and everywhere without compromising on anything. Just a tap and you are good to go.

Moviebox-an App from CYDIA is the most popular free video streaming app working on the Apple iOS platform.

The features include streaming of videos, TV shows, movies etc., apart from the most frequented download capabilities of all the necessary things like, torrents, movies, TV programs etc. and all this without giving out a single dollar.

This exclusive tailor-made experience anywhere and everywhere free of cost make this app the most go after and the most versatile app on the iOS platform from Apple. With the evolution of many iOS platforms, MovieBox itself is updated from time to time so as to offer you with the best experience possible.

Totally new interface design, bug fixes for stability, personalized functions for users like ‘My’ page etc are the most common and popular updates given by MovieBox.

movieboxapp what is

Apple iOS-is the global platform/the operating system developed by Apple Inc. It has come a long way, always under evolution for a long period of time. As time passes by iOS is improving by leaps and bounds.

The latest being the iOS 8. It makes way to almost all the Apple devices starting from iPhone 4s, iPhone 5s to iPhone 6 and 6 plus and iPad 2 etc.

It is fast, super smooth and offers stability to the whole program like no other, then comes ‘jailbreaking’. It is a way initiated to bypass Apple’s App purchase mechanism which is not allowed by Apple.

But consumers want the best bang for their buck and go for jailbreak which is a headache for many users around the globe.

The app MovieBox can be downloaded without jailbreak in iOS 8 platform. So it is really hot news for consumers. Though good things come at a price, there is always a question in the fray of it being a legal app or not?

Everything that we come across like videos, music, movies is copyrighted stuff. These tempting apps provide us with copyright material free of cost and we are thoroughly enjoying the content without the owner’s permission. Obviously this is illegal.

It is not advised to use such apps so it is your own risk to take.

You won’t go to jail but if you are in shortage of money you can try it. But it is recommended to go for subscription based apps like Netflix, Hulu etc., offering the same functions and help the industry to grow to its potential.

Nevertheless, MovieBox is something which is adorned by many thanks to its curtailed features and functions and we think it will be a regular candidate for download in iOS platforms also in the future.

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