Movie Box has finally been updated. But whether it is compatible with IPhone 6 is another thing entirely.

The Update to Movie Box 3.3 ensures users that bugs have been fixed in order for their viewers to get a better experience while watching movies or TV shows.

One of the bug fixes is to fix the display size of the movies that you are streaming. It no longer feels stretched and out of depth on your devices screen, which is more compatible for the larger screen of the IPhone 6.  As well as other fixes this one in particular helps IPhone 6 users. This particular update is extremely important as beforehand many users with the newer devices had very poor viewing on Movie Box due to the TV shows or Films not been shown to fit the screen.

Other updates include a more up to date look for the app on the movie detail section and TV show lists, also a new ‘My’ section in the tabs which allows you to focus on your favourite movies as well as other bug fixes. It also fixes Arabic Subtitles and gives you more movies for you to watch.

moviebox 3.3 iphone 6

However has it really fixed the faults that were seen on the IPhone 6? Many would disagree as many have tested this new update and have stated that it is not performing properly on IOS 8.1.2 and on other updates. These are all without Jailbreak.

The IPhone 6 plus has recorded similar faults with Movie Box 3.3 due to it using IOS 8.1.2 or IOS 8.1.3. Hence many IPhone 6 and 6 plus users have had to jailbreak their phones in order to get the Movie Box 3.3 update to work effectively.

Many IPhone 6, and IPhone 6 plus customers are suffering with this problem, even with or without jailbreak. Many are reporting that even after they have jailbroke their phone and installed an app in order to get Movie Box 3.3 to work, it is still not compatible.  This includes having uninstalled any previous versions of Mail Box and reinstalled it with the updated version.

However there may be a way around the jailbreak without having to do much installing of other apps. Many have discovered that if you restore your phone to factory setting and then restore from your backup and download Movie Box 3.3 after, it goes without any problems.

So considering these views, it is possible to say that the new update of Movie Box 3.3 for the IPhone 6 and IPhone 6 Plus is compatible for the devices even if you have to restore to factory setting. As long as you back up your device first, it will hopefully work for everyone using the newer versions of the IPhone, as well as other Apple devices.



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