What is Cyber Attack? 

It is an illegal activity involving individuals or an organization who keeps an eye on computer information systems, infrastructures, computer networks, personal computer through malicious acts from an unidentified source who either steals, modifies, or destroys a specified target by intruding into systems. This activity can be a part of Cyber campaign, cyber warfare or cyber terrorism.

The Survey report was articulated by the Organization of American States (OAS) and security firm Trend Micro revealed eye opening facts and figures.

When the poll was organized at American state the results were beyond belief. The results shows 40 percent of respondents had survived attempts to shut down their computer networks, 44 percent people dealt with attempts to delete files and 54 percent had come across “attempts to manipulate” their equipment through a control system.

U.S is not new to cyber-attack as last year they survived electronic assault on Sony’s Sony pictures Entertainment in which the entire data got wiped out of Hollywood fixture’s machines and removed some of its internal networks making them inoperable. Such attempts are not instant they are well planned.

These days cybercrime has become so easy for people as the hacking tools are easily available and has a wide spread among youngsters. It is quite popular among criminals, activists, detectives and business rivals.

Trend Micro chief cyber security officer Tom Kellerman told in an interview that Americas research should serve as a wake-up call. We have become a prime target for cyber criminals. “These groups have intensified their attacks by leveraging destructive campaigns against the infrastructures.

Trend Micro report will help in motivating and will increase necessary changes.

Governments in the Americas and around the world must recognize the serious vulnerabilities towards critical infrastructure and the potential for serious consequences.

They are experimenting with such methods to get insight of their competitor company. For financial institution cyber-attack is more perilous as Hackers stole money from accounts and then delete records which make it difficult to redo customers and their respective funds mapping.

When data is destroyed it requires little technical challenge compared with penetrating a network, so the infrequency of exposed incidents has often been attributed to a lack of motive for attackers.

The public is also extremely concerned with possible cyber-attacks against the U.S. Out of ten, seven says that cyber-warfare represents a major threat to the country.

Americas find Russian government after cyber-attacks In U.S.

Under Securities and Exchange Commission guidelines, companies who are involved in public trading must disclose breaches with a potential material financial impact. Many corporations can argue that even deletion of internal databases; theft and manipulation of equipment are not substantial



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