As per previous news about the infamous hacking group, Anonymous published a threatening spoken video on YouTube, on 4th April 2015.   The spooky video, named “message to Israel” was published to threat the Israel Government for a cyber-attack on 7th April 2015 protesting the “crimes in the Palestinian territories”.

7Th April, 2015 has passed away. And a number of hacking incidence was noticed against Israeli cyberspace. This was the fourth annual cyber-attack against the war on the Palestinian territory. 7th April of every year, the Anonymous conduct #Oplsrael attack against Israel.

A number of Israeli Government websites was the target of the Anonymous and pro-Palestinian hacker. The target was also included the parliament portal, Israeli website related court system, and the Ministry of Education.


There found a huge cyber-attack on several sectors, like

  • “Israel Center for Education” website was taken down.
  • A number of (minimum 150,000) Israeli Facebook, Hotmail, Gmail accounts was hacked.
  • Shalom Hanoch, Israeli singer’s official website was hacked.

The Anonymous replaced the homepages of the website with pictures of Muslim holy site in Jerusalem with an “Anon Ghost” signed message. Many website owner took the threat seriously. And they was in wonder to take necessary step to protect the hack. But the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) of Israel said, as they were aware about it, and they were ready to foil the attack, no major Government website was severely attacked.

But the public was hampered. As, Anonymous leaked the log-in credentials for about 6,000 Israeli routers. That means, a number of router username and password was published publicly. Though the log-in credentials could not hamper much to the cyber-infrastructure of Israel instantly, but the sensitive router passwords could be used by anyone later. These could be also used by another hackers also.

Shin Bet, the Israel Security Agency and the National Cyber Defense Center, was providing the measures to the civilian websites about the defend process against cyber-attack.

Obviously it was a big attack like April, 2103. Those all attack was for the crimes in the Palestinian territories including the Gaza conflict. This was the protest of Anonymous, against the Israel government. A huge damage occurred in all the attacks. Let’s see what happen in the next year April.



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