WhatsApp turns over WhatsApp call tool for all Android 4.0.0 and over devices, and  iOS and Blackberry have to stay a fortnight.

It is still not accessible on Google Play store but the WhatsApp call tool has now been launched for all Android smart phones working on Android 4.0.0 KitKat and over.

To take benefit of this feature, you have to adopt a simple method which does not take any technology savvies but you have to side load it into your Android smart phone device.

While functioning the WhatsApp callingtool through the rooted way, many users found that they were unsuccessful as when they attempted to make a call on the WhatsApp calling tool, the Application gave a beep – beep sound and stopped working. Well the cause for that is that both the person making the call and the person on the receiving end of the phone both need to have the identical APK set up on their smart phone devices.

So that method was forsaken, and we provide you below with the easiest and most convenient method to set up this WhatsApp calling Application:

You have to get the most up-to-date edition from the Whatsapp website. The superlative way to go about it is to open the website from your mobile phone device at Then you have to press the download choice from the Whatsapp website so that your phone recognizes that you are have accessed it from an Android mobile phone and this will take you directly to the download page. When you press the ‘download’ button, an .apk document will be downloaded (the edition you need is 2.11.552 or above).

You can also download the .apk document in the computer by going to Then, go to your SETTINGS > MORE > SECURITY > ENABLE UNKNOWN SOURCES. At this point, you don’t need to uninstall or erase your old WhatsApp. Next, Go to the FILE MANAGER > DOWNLOAD > WhatsApp.Apk (the position where your downloads are stored), hit the APK and it will set up.

Now for the tough part, what is more complicated is that you need a WhatsApp client who already has the calling tool operational. You have to ask for someone like that (You might post request on WhatsApp group/ Twitter DMs/Facebook  Friends to tell them to call you on WhatsApp.)


Once you get ahold of such a user, ask them to call you, when you get a WhatsApp call, don’t receive it, in its place start your WHATSAPP again. Once you have started over the App you will see 3 tabs on the top of the WhatsApp control panel, to be exact Calls, Chats and Contacts. Now you make a call to that same person who called you to see if your your WhatsApp Calling is working.

Done! You can start making Whatsapp calls now.

P.S You can also assist others who don’t have this tool enabled yet but who want to.





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