Have you ever sent an out of place message to a friend or relative while drunk? Say  bye to such awkward times. You might soon be saying hello to a new feature that lets you recall or delete your sent message so long it has not been read.

WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app, is carrying out tests on a new feature that will allow you to delete messages you wish you had not sent. You will have the opportunity to edit or completely recall your messages so long they have not been read.

The feature will be rolled out in the next update as a beta trial before finally being implemented permanently.

whatsapp Unread Messages Sent Mistakenly

Once in place, the feature will add two new options – “Revoke” and “Edit” for each message that bears gray tick marks, meaning it has not been seen by the recipient. Blue ticks indicate that the message has been read.

Nevertheless, Facebook has not made any official announcement concerning the feature, so right now, it is not clear if or when these options will be available.

See You Friend Location in Real Time

Apart from giving you the ability to edit or remove your messages, you might also be able to see your contact’s “Live Location” in group chats to enable you to see where each member is in case you are arranging a group meeting.

whatsapp Unread Messages Sent

You will have the option to switch it on or off, and this will let other members see where you are in real time. It will utilise the already existing location feature. You can enable it for a minute, two, five, or indefinitely.

The other notable feature is the ability to report spam just by shaking your phone mid conversation, as well as a feature that will let you comment on statuses.

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