Isis glory, horrific propaganda videos are always hitting the major news headline, they do a terrifying act and post it online on their channels for all to see. For instance the video that was posted of the pilot who was who was burnt alive in a cage, this videos are very traumatising especially for the victims loved ones and anyone who sees the videos. These a group of hackers and crackers who are on a campaign, they have one objective of exposing the terror weakness and stopping their online terror acts.These online ‘hacktivist’ group that claims to have paralysed this activities terror group online activities. The group said on Friday to have attacked and disabled a good number of social media accounts managed by ISIS to recruits new militias.


On the same day a new Isis video emerged, this video was never intended for the world to see. As much as the terror group videos is known for production of being brutal and displaying the militia group as being unstoppable, this video displayed the major weakness in Isis.  The terror group is very weak but pretends to be very strong through killing videos. This video appeared on the Site leak showed the contrast of what the militia display themselves as. This terror group is just like a gang that can’t shoot straight, the militias are very incompetent and most of them can’t even operate their own simple weapon.


This video displayed the major weakness in the terror group as much as they raise their head high for being the most brutal group on earth. According to live leak on its blog according to go the terror group accomplishment aren’t as impressive as they look raw, they don’t have high tech video editor software. Many sites of the Isis were hacked successful by groups as anonymous and their activity and intelligence obtained. This should give the collation countries much boost, they should use the weakness of Isis and defeat this terror group that is giving everyone a headache. The hackers and crackers praised God themselves for the hacking work they did, they did a significant job of exposing the terrorists’ weakness. It will be a joy for the world to see these militias defeated and completely paralysed, because their activities are not good. It will not be easy for the hackers to successfully but if they manage to stop the hacker’s online activities it will be good.



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