Caller ID faking, as modern as it may sound, goes back a decade to when the caller IDs were first introduced. At that time, the large scale businesses equipped with the costly PRI [Primary Rate Interface] lines mainly used the process of ‘caller ID spoofing’. A unit Primary Rate Interface line granted the business organisations with almost 23 phone lines all of which could have different address numbers. In its initial stages, the process of Caller ID spoofing was basically used by these business organisations to display one main number on all the calls they make, although the calls were not being held particularly by those numbers.

With the evolution of telephones and the introduction of smart phones, the techniques of caller ID spoofing have also evolved. Faking your caller ID has been made a lot easier with the caller ID faker android app. It allows you to make unlimited anonymous calls to any desired number. You can prank your friends and family with it, without the tension of being detected, EVER! If one ever thinks they are being cheated on, they can use this app to test their partner; obtaining all the information they may need! Evidence can also be stored with this app, but that will be discussed in the later part of the prose.

The caller ID faker android app has many such attributes that push it above the other ID spoofing apps, making it a must-have on your android device. Some of these are mentioned below;

The Record Option

The app offers it as a free option to record the calls you make with your device. Everything you say, everything the other party says in the conversation, can save in your phone if you want it to. You can make prank calls and listen to them afterwards whenever you feel down or miss your friends. On a serious note, if you are actually testing your partner with this app, and they say something controversial on the phone with the ‘fake you’ then you will have that conversation on your phone as evidence to use against them in the future.

Input your Desired Caller ID

Not only can you hide your personal caller ID while calling, but you can even put any number you want as the displaying caller ID. You can call a certain friend while displaying another friend’s number to spice up the prank even more. Moreover, you can keep calling a person with changed mobile numbers every time, making the receiver of the calls extremely confused, never knowing who is actually calling them.

Voice Changeover

Just when you thought this app could not get any better, BOOM! Another option! You can change your voice entirely during or before making a call. Not only can you change the general specifics of your voice, but even shift your voice to that of the opposite gender. In this way, you can never ever be detected, confusing the person being pranked more and more!

This app is loved by many, and on their requests, new updates are being launched to improve it. If you’re the pranky kind of guy, this app will serve you best!



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