If you are a regular Dailymotion user or you visited the site from June 28 to sometime in last week, then this news is for you , as the site was affected with Malware in the given time.

Now, its time to clean your computers because if the conditions above we said is true in your case and you visited Dailymotion, then it is possible that your system is infected with Malware.

Hackers were managed to hack the site and infects its visitors with a Malware, upon visiting the site, it downloaded an exploit kit in the users’ machine.

The security came into the catchy eyes of Symantec researchers, On June 28, the popular video sharing website Dailymotion was compromised to redirect users to the Sweet Orange Exploit Kit. This exploit kit takes advantage of vulnerabilities in Java, Internet Explorer, and Flash Player. If the vulnerabilities were successfully exploited during the campaign, pay-per-click malware was then downloaded on the victim’s computer, Symantec described in its blog post.

As researcher said in the post, this malware is being used to take advantage of your system by clicking advertisements on attackers’ website to earn more revenue.

One of a screenshot also available on the Symantec Blog, how it alerted users to update JAVA onto their systems.

Researcher said that on July 3, the exploit was removed from the website, and in the mean time the website is clean.

Dailymotion is one of the video site, which is second on the position after YouTube, and it comes in Alexa Top 100, so we can estimate the damage done by hackers, as many of the visitors don’t care about what they are clicking on the web.

According to the research it was stated that malware campaign mainly affected Dailymotion visitors in the US and Europe:
Dailymotion attacks

So, if you downloaded this malware on to your computer, just scan your whole computer with an Antivirus, and this exploit may also be used to steal users’ information, so you should also change your password and choose a Strong password from our Strong Password Generator.



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