London, 2nd July –Cyber Security EXPO, part of IP EXPO Europe, is calling for contributors to the CyberHack, a live open source security lab arriving at the show this October.

The Hack area allows for true industry collaboration, giving you the opportunity to demonstrate hacks in real time and explain to audiences how to beat them. We’ll also have some of the best defence and security minds present for you to challenge.

Cyber security is arguably the biggest issue facing today’s IT industry – every week we hear about a new threat or compromise and the aftermath of damaging cyber-attacks that have left organisations – and often their customers too – vulnerable and exposed. For this reason, Cyber Security EXPO has developed a place for White Hat hackers, security gurus and industry professionals to come together to share ideas and showcase hacks in real time.

Whether it’s a hack demonstration, a new vulnerability, research findings or just something you want to get off your chest, fill out the Call for Hacks submission form here before 31st July and join this exciting new show experience.

To register for IP EXPO Europe and Cyber Security EXPO, please click here. For press registration, please email [email protected].



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