Last Month Hacker named “Hector Xavier Monsegur” also known as dubbed name on Internet “SABU” who turned into FBI Agent in 2011 was set free from Jail, because he helped the authorities to disrupt at least 300 cyber-attacks on targets that included the U.S. military, Congress, the federal courts, NASA and private companies.

We can say, that is a reward from court, but one more hacker who was arrested on the gesture of SABU named ‘Jeremy Hammond’ sentenced to 10 Years to prison.

SABU launched cyber-attacks on other Government websites:

This is revealed from the chat logs of SABU and other hackers that during SABU was working with FBI, he encouraged other anonymous hackers to launch cyber-attacks on different foreign government websites.

The chat logs remain under seal due to a protective order upheld in court, but in April, they and other court documents were obtained by journalists at Motherboard and the Daily Dot.

In court there was not any discussion made on chats that which countries were targeted by SABU, but logs reveal that Syria, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, Turkey, and other government sites fell victim to attacks orchestrated by Monsegur while he was working with the FBI.

In some of the chat logs it reflects that SABU encouraged Jeremy Hammond for hacking into Brazilian Govt. websites:

“Hit these bitches for our Brazilian squad,” Monsegur told Hammond in a private chat disclosed by Motherboard. In another he said: “Work on the gov.”

The Vice report, written by Daniel Stuckey and Andrew Blake, also reveals that Monsegur was aware of the huge scale of what he was fomenting.

“What we are doing is so massive,” he wrote to Hammond.

All these hack attacks managed by SABU after he turned into FBI authorized Anonymous hacker.

How SABU working with Anonymous?

SABU joined the team Anonymous with different named groups AntiSec, LulzSec, AntisecBR. He said other crew of his group to find vulnerability in different foreign websites and try to find himself too, after he able to found ot get the exploit from others, he said them to attack the websites and at that time FBI was watching everyone under SABU’s role.

You can find an Exclusive report and all chat logs description from Motherboard HERE.

SOURCE: Motherboard

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