Hacker (Hector Xavier Monsegur) who turned out in FBI Agent from 2011 set to be sentenced in federal courts this week for breaking into various websites, computers systems. Hector also know from his online dubbed name ‘SABU.’

Now, Authorities ask judge for leniency in government mole’s sentencing, because Sabu helped them to disrupt at least 300 cyberattacks on targets that included the U.S. military, Congress, the federal courts, NASA and private companies.

Sabu also helped the authorities to dismantle the biggest hacker group Anonymous, which lead them to the arrest of eight members of the Hacker group in Europe and the United States, including Jeremy Hammond, who is said to be the FBI’s Top ‘Cyber Criminal.’ Right now Hammond is serving a 10-year prison term.

The court document was prepared by prosecutors who are asking a judge, Loretta Preska, for leniency for Monsegur, 30, because of his “extraordinary cooperation.” He is set to be sentenced Tuesday in U.S. District Court on hacking conspiracy and other charges that could result in a long prison term.

Sabu’s real Face:

It was revealed in 2012 that Sabu, who was arrested in 2011, working for FBI in the world on computer hacking but the memorandum – submitted to Preska late Friday by the office of Preet Bharara, the U.S. attorney in Manhattan – reveals the extent of his assistance.

A few months later after Sabu’s Bail, he made some ‘unauthorized online postings’ that revoked his bail and he was jailed for about seven months, then released in December 2012, after that he never made any unauthorized postings, said in documents.

The time Sabu was arrested:

At the time, when Sabu was arrested by the FBI in June 2011 and was questioned about his illegal online activities, he admitted all of them and agreed to work with FBI as online Govt. authorized hacker.

That night, he reviewed his computer files with the agents, and throughout the summer, he daily “provided, in real-time, information” that allowed the government to disrupt attacks and identify “vulnerabilities in significant computer systems,” the memo said.

“Working sometimes literally around the clock,” it added, “at the direction of law enforcement, Monsegur engaged his co-conspirators in online chats that were critical to confirming their identities and whereabouts.”

Waiting about the Judge decision upon the basis of documents submitted.

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Source: Wikipedia | NyTimes 



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