The File Hosting Service created by the Pirate Bay’s founders named Bayfiles, now has been blocked by Google to appear in the search engine.

Now, people searching for the site ( they will get 0 results, it means now complete website and everylink redirecting to this website now has been blocked by Google.

Three years ago, this service was started by Pirate Bay founders Fredrik Neij and Peter Sunde, which is said to be a new file-sharing venture.

Right now the site has around 10,000 alexa rank and is going famous day-by-day, but will Google block stop it’s popularity?—Bay’s operators say NO “the change has very little impact on visitor numbers.”

It is said that most of the Bay Files traffic comes manually and Google has least number of users for, so it will not affect much to the website visitors.

The site is not using any P2P transfers, there users can upload and download large files directly from the website.

Thousands of links were removed by Google related to the Bay’s website without any warning, it hurts and really impossible to stand for websites which has Google as their primary traffic source.

The site being searched easily in other search engines not powered by Google, like: Bing, Ask etc.

If ever, any site removed from the search engine, there is a reason left by them, either by mail or in Google Webmasters account under Search Traffic>Manual Action:
google webmaster penalty

In a talk with Torrent Freak, Site operators left a message: “Penalty or not, Bayfiles will continue to serve files all around the world, free of charge.”



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