According to a research by Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto and computer security firm Kaspersky Lab, a harmful Malware has been distributed to the Police authority near by us, which allows them them to hack and spy on our smartphones remotely.

The Tool dubbed Remote Control System designed smartly to penetrate into our smartphones, it can be implanted remotely through an infected link or Network Traffic Injection OR if the remotely method fails, they can use physical method through a USB ot SD Card.

The Real Stuff is—It is really very dangerous, as it allows every access of smartphone to the Malware Controller, it CAN:

  • Monitor a user’s location
  • Record ambient audio through the microphone
  • Hijack the phone’s camera to take spontaneous photographs
  • Steal Data on Phone
  • Record Text Messages, as well as WhatsApp, Viber and other apps too.

You have Apple—You are safe:

It is said in the report that the Malware works best on Android Phones, but if you are an Apple user then you are safe, but your device must not be Jailbroken.

Malware Factory Dealer:

A company named ‘Hacking Team’ in Milan which has more then 50 Employees selling surveillance software to police in “several dozen countries” on “six continents.”

The location where the Malwre is being used is still not clear, but indications point to Saudi Arabia, based on the fake “Qatif” news app where the code was initially found.

In the report there was a an image (shown below) which indicates that the LA County Sheriff’s office as a default location, leading some observers to suspect the company is working with police in Los Angeles.

Dealer Says:

If we listen up the The Hacking team (creator of RCS,) it won’r sell its products to governments that are blacklisted by NATO, but reports are showing everything alternate.

The Main product of The Hacking team is called Da Vinci, a malware which allows to SPY through computer’s webcam, microphone, emails and Skype calls.



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