Ukraine: A Pro-Russian Hackers group named ‘CyberBerkut’ Attacks on Central Election Commission Of Ukraine systems and steals a huge archive of emails three days before the elections, sends it to the media agencies.

The same hacker group was previously identified in defacing at least 40 local media websites and carrying out a DDoS attack against NATO infrastructure.

What Hacked and HOW?

Hacker group managed to break into the systems of the Central Election Commission of Ukraine and successfully accessed and stolen the large archive of emails, as well as the technical documentation of the CEC system administrators.

Hackers call the current government as a ‘Junta’ —  a word which describes the ruling council of a military dictatorship.

Hackers group (CyberBerkut) statement:

“We, CyberBerkut, to protest against the legitimization of crimes of the Kiev junta, have completely destroyed the network and computing infrastructure of the Central Election Commission of Ukraine. We responsibly claim that the “Unified Information-Analytical System “Elections,”” created under the full control of the United States, has ceased to exist, the website of the group says. 

SOURCE: TechWeek



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