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On Tuesday it was revealed by Facebook that they are going to offer free downloads of Anti-Malware software to its abuse detection and prevention systems for users with Infected Devices.

Their security partners for this service are: F-Secure and Trend Micro, Facebook recommends one of them based on the type of malware detected by their systems.

How you can get this?

There is not a specific link  to download this, as we said above— this service only available for the users whose systems are infected, and whenever Facebook detects your system infected a pop-up notification will open with one of the suggested products (At the time of Signup.) If you click the Download Link as shown in the image below, the app will install itself and run. You’ll receive the notifications of the scan as a notification on your Facebook account. After the app removes virus it will be unistalled automatically and Now your system is clean :)

Facebook Security
Source: The Next Web

Why should you Hate this?

They are not giving you any type of License to keep that software on your machine, in fact by this—they are going to enhance their own security itself.

Why should you Love this?

  • This is a nice move of Facebook for those users—who don’t want to buy Antivirus, because it costs them, so whenever you find you system slow or infected, just go to the Facebook Door and they will clean your system for free :)
  • You will get rid of the Spammy posts from your friends—whose computers have been compromised by Malware.

OS Limitations:

One thing was left above—The service is only available for Windows desktops for now, Facebook didn’t reveal anything about their future plans to further increase this service to other platforms.

Facebook says you’re welcome to decline the download and continue using its service, though it did note that you might see the notification again if you skip.



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