A man wearing a Guy Fawkes mask surfs the web during a "Campus Party" Internet users gathering in Sao Paulo
Source: Salon

A 40-year-old man from Scarborough, believed to belong to the Anonymous hacker group, appeared in Perth Magistrates Court on Thursday. Charges brought to Adam John Bennett, the real name of the hacker, compromised the anonymity of the group.

The conditions bail release implies that Mr. Bennett is banned from accessing the Internet unless it’s for the purpose of banking, legal advice or employment.

The charges brought against Adam John Bennett are the unauthorized modification of Melbourne IT Ltd’s computer network in Brisbane and of Indonesian government web servers to cause impairment.

Another 18-year-old man from Penrith was also arrested and charged with unauthorized modification of data to Netspeed ISP and unauthorized access and modification of restricted data belonging to the ACT Long Service Leave Board, both in Canberra.

The second man is also believed to be from the same Anonymous group as Mr. Bennett. He was expected to appear in Sydney Central Local Court on Thursday.

The Australian Federal Police said that the two men were arrested after they searched their homes in Penrith, NSW and Scarborough, Western Australia.

Due to the massive information stored on them could take up to several months for the Police to decrypt and analyze the hard drive and other equipment seized from the hackers.



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