Secret Snowden

Everyone was shocked and mostly the NSA-When one of the NSA employee ‘Edward Snowden’ leaked the internal information to the public that US Govt. Spies on people of own country, as well as other country, but one thing also was unique that how Snowden bypassing his networks, that none of them able to stop distributing the leaks online or to media.

Here is the answer-How Snowden evading NSA?-Snowden takes precautions in order to ensure his internet communications remain private, one of the stuff he use -customized version of Linux known as Tails.

What is Tails?

Tails is open source software created by Anonymous, by which anyone can easily use the Tor Network and other tools without exposing the location. After the installation of Tails on a small storage device like USB drive, user can essentially boot a system with Tails. It doesn’t store data locally, which makes it more powerful.

Tails gained widespread attention in April 2014 when publicly advocated by Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald.

The anonymous developers of Tails say the project began about five years ago, and has since become an amalgamation of their initial prototype called Amnesia and an existing OS known as Incognito.

According to the reports, this is the complete setup used by the Edward Snowden, by which he connects to the Media and others, he also leaking confidential documents of NSA through this small network, really it sounds amazing that a small USB Drive carrying BOMBARDING Files :-).

While the core Tails development team is continuing to improve the desktop software, another team is currently working on a mobile version for Android and Ubuntu devices.



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