Latest news coming from the Internet Media is, Hackers breached the security of Michaels (an arts and crafts retail chain) and they have stolen the credit and debit cards data from almost three million Michael’s customers, this hack being performed from last eight months and 7 percent of all cards used at Michaels are affected.

Not only Michaels’ affected by this hack attack- Aaron Brothers (a retail chain also sells arts and crafts supplies) affected, where hackers stole information on as many as 400,000 debit and credit cards, bringing the total number of cards affected by the Michaels’ hack to three million.

What Hackers have?
As we said above, hackers have stolen cards data which includes data like card numbers and expiration dates using very sophisticated malware not previously seen. It does not appear that the hackers got customers’ names or addresses.

As an update, The Malware which was used to steal Millions of cards data, has now been removed by security firms, but one thing also said by the Michaels officially that some of the stolen cards data have been used fraudulently.

This is a massive hack of customer data after the Target HACK, which performed by hackers in 2013 during the holiday shopping.
What should you do?

One main thing you must to do is, stay connected with your Bank about your transactions or any unauthorized attempts made from your card, and we collected some articles for you, which will really help you in these conditions:



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