Most Famous organization of Ethical Hacking “EC Council” got hacked by a hacker yesterday, hacker claims to be a ‘certified unethical software security professional’ going by the alias Eugene Belford.

The EC-Council is known primarily as a professional certification body. Its best-known certification is the Certified Ethical Hacker. It also operates a series of IT security conferences, it was co-founded by Indian born Jay Bavisi.

Hacker defaced the website with the NSA Whistle-blower Snowden’s Passport image and an ethical hacking certificate which he got from the same organization “EC Council”.

It is amazing to see an ethical hacking website itself hacked by a hacker, you can see below the snowden passport and certification image which hacker uploaded to the website.

Snowden Passport
Snowden Ethical hacking certificate
Snowden Ethical hacking certificate

According to info, there are more than 60,000 security professionals who have obtained or applied for the EC Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker certification, so all the info of 60,000 security professionals are at risk. Many of the members who are connected to EC Council are members of the US military, FBI, United Nations, and National Security Agency.

Hacker’s Message on the defaced webpage:

Defaced again? Yep, good job reusing your passwords morons jack67834#
owned by certified unethical software security professional
Obligatory link:
-Eugene Belford

P.S It seems like lots of you are missing the point here, I'm sitting on thousands of passports belonging to LE (and .mil) officials.

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