Anonymous PedoHunters
Anonymous stands against the Facebook Pedophiles which are posting images of teen and pre-teen children in suggestive poses, right now Pedophiles Pages are at No.1 on the Anonymous target.

Anonymous reporting these type of pages to Facebook, but sometimes Facebook not taking them down.

According to the activists associated with Anonymous, The pages carry names like “Sexy Little Girls” or “Sexy Teen’s Legs.” The pages share images of children in underwear or swimsuits and do not distribute nude images of children, skirting the laws against child p0rnography.

Images are usually stolen from the parents’ profiles and after that they were distributed on the Internet through Facebok Pages and other social services, Anonymous says.

Anaid Kejor an activist in Pedo Hunters (Affiliated with Anonymous) advice:

I would like people to realize that this is going on all the time, these pages and the people that run them are stealing pictures from your timelines. The cute pic of your 9-year old girl in a bikini, or boy in his briefs could end up on someone’s bathroom wall being an object of adoration. Please do not post them at all, even to friends only. They can be stolen; just don’t put them on Facebook.

Anonymous also getting success in their process against the removal of Pedophiles Facebook pages, 3 days ago, Anonymous and their members reported “Sexy Little Girls” page and that was removed by Facebook.

One of the comment by Facebook user:

Facebook will not take this page down so we are anonymous and we will take matters into our own hands.

Kejor explained, Facebook’s lack of response:

I have been doing this for awhile. I win a few, I lose a few. They all make me angry when I see them, knowing that there are hundreds more on Facebook. I concentrate on those of pre-pubescent boys and girls and do my best to get them taken down. I know what these creeps are doing; they download the pics and do their thing.

Does it make me angry that Facebook doesn’t take them down? Hell yes. They don’t seem to realize that even if they are not naked, a page of these children in sexy poses, swimwear, underwear, is like a catalog to the perverts. I have grandchildren the age of these children that are being marketed to the “Facebook pedophiles” so yes I have a stake in this.




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