A group of online hackers have made shocking claims that they managed to hack Comcast, this is one of the biggest company that offers both cable and internet services to homes and companies. The company has not yet made any official communication regarding these rumors.

This has come after weeks of the Target breach. The online hacking community made other postings online that they had managed to penetrate a number of emails through the Comcast servers as a result of the hacking. This has led to many people asking a lot of questions. There has also been an up rise of bloggers who are on the company’s neck to inquiring if the claims of the hackers are true and demanding that the company gives an account.

A hacker who is known online by the name NullCrew went on social media and made clear announcements that the hacking team will be going after Comcast. These announcements were made on twitter. Three hours elapsed and another hacker tweeted, in his tweet he claimed that they had managed to infiltrate 34 server hosting mail.

The saga continued on twitter and after the infiltration tweet, a third tweet was shared, this tweet contained a link to Pastebin, which is the web that contained all the proof of their hacking labor.

According to the Vice President of Computer Forensics Services which is based in Minnetonka, the hackers always this website to post large quantity of information about the hacking they have managed to do and brag about their success in hacking. He revealed this when being interviewed by FOX 9 NEWS.

The hacking information that was posted on Pastebin and shared was deleted after a couple of minutes. The information contained details and keys which helped the hackers to gain access of the Comcast Servers.

According to Willis, they intended to embarrass the internet company. This is clear since they did not award the company any notification concerning the hacking and the fact that they went public after hacking. It is also possible that the hackers went ahead to brag to the other hackers so that the others use the same technique to hack Comcast before posting the hacking in the website.

The company has not issued any public statement concerning this latest event of hacking claims. According to Willis, Comcast may still be patching all the much information concerning the hacking so as to know how much information the hackers were able to access. This will then position the company’s technicians in a better position to evaluate how many people may be affected by the hacking and how to put up a strong network security.

Fox 9 News released a statement given by Comcast, “We have aggressively investigated this incident and have found no evidence to suggest any customer information was obtained.” The company spokesperson also said that the hacking cannot be like the one that hit Target and they have not yet confirmed if it happened at all. The company also encouraged their customers to change their network passwords so as to be on the safe side.

For more information visit this link: COMCAST HACKED? Group claims 34 e-mail servers compromised – KMSP-TV



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