Forbes Magazine hacked

Latest news coming from twitter that the famous American business magazine Forbes hacked by the supporters of Syrian President Bashar-Al-Assad from Syrian Electronic Army (SEA.)

As you can see above an image of the Forbes’ website-SEA hacked the admin panel of the Forbes and added a story with a headline “Hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army” which was written by Forbes’ Travis Bradberry, Matthew Herper, Andy Greenberg, John Dobosz, Steve Forbes (the chairman and editor-in-chief of Forbes Media).

SEA also released a screenshot of the WordPress admin panel of Forbes’ website to show they were actually inside, always SEA upload a proof of its hack with a SEA Logo, see below:

Forbes Magazine hacked by SEA

Also with the website hack, some of the official twitter accounts of the Magazine were also hacked, and allegedly used to tweet: “SEA was HERE,” official twitter accounts hacked are:

  • @ForbesTech
  • @samsharf
  • @TheAlexKnapp

SEA also described why they actually hacked the Forbes website and their twitter account, they meant to notify the Forbes for an article against Syria which was based on hate and lies.

Meantime, everything has been restored as it was.



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