Steubenville Anonymous case

One of the Anonymous hacker, who was exposed after providing evidence for the  Steubenville, Ohio Rape Case- is facing more time in jail than the sexual offenders.

A Video was leaked by Deric Lostutter (hacktivist), which was made by the rapists themselves, and clearly showing their 16-year-old victim was unconscious and unable to consent.

FBI raided the home of that 26-year-old “hacktivist” last April and he admitted about the distribution of Video.

As Deric leaked the video which helped catch the convicts in the rape case, for that he is facing 10 Years in jail which also included obtaining tweets and posts on social media contained the information regarding the rape case convicts.

Above we have learned that Deric is facing 10 Years Jail for the Video Sharing, but now, you will be shocked after hearing -one of the rape convict named  ‘Ma’Lik Richmond’ was released  from the Jail for ‘Good Behavior,’ he was released from less than a year.

“Although everyone hopes convicted criminals are rehabilitated, it is disheartening that this convicted rapist’s press release does not make a single reference to the victim and her family — whom he and his co-defendant scarred for life,” said attorney Robert Fitzsimmons.



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