Apple Database

Latest News coming from Twitter is, one of the hacker group named The European Cyber Army and 1775Sec claiming online and promoting their Leak of Apple Database.

The First leak link came out two days ago, which reads:

We repeatedly warned you Apple Inc…
You thought because we faked some Drop Box leaks, that we actually didn’t hack you?
You made a foolish move Apple!
We are the 1775Sec and the European Cyber Army! (@1775Sec & @ ECA_Legion)

2 Days ago, only few stuff was leaked to show the data was actually leaked, but at that time hackers didn’t get so much response ,Now Today- they leaked a huge list of the database, which contains:

  1. ID
  2. UDID
  3. Product_id
  4. Cmpaign_id
  5. I.P

And more related info..

We contacted hackers about the leak and asked why you leaked the data, they replied to us four reasons:

1. for the lulz!

2. In honor of LulzSec

3. Because we could

4. To send a message

We don’t think the database containing some sensitive information of users, but the tension point is, if the database is real so “how they got access?”

Link to Leak-



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