ps4 jailbreak

A tutorial which makes use of Orbis OS to jailbreak the PS4 posted on PasteBin. Sony has started to give warnings.

A notorious hacker called Reckz0r published a simple link on how to make PS4 approachable to pirated games. Rowdy Reckz0r referred to a George Hotz’ case, the hacker whose name stands behind PlayStation 3 crack.

Till now no one has confirmed that the published tutorial lets to breach PS system.

Though, Reckz0r pledged never to hack one of the company’s products again. PlayStation corresponds to the aggressive tone:

No? We’re giving you one day, to delete that PasteBin link you have recently posted, alongside with the files if you have uploaded them somewhere.

It won’t take us long to get you arrested if you’re still going to proceed spreading the jailbreak. :) Take the Geohotz sceanario as an example, –

Reckz0r posted a screenshot of his conversation with Sony officials PlayStation Twitter account.



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