Finland: A hacker has been arrested from Helsinki (capital and largest city of Finland) for a suspect in Illegal accessing of 60,000 servers worldwide.

Along with the servers, hacker is also accused of data security breaches, means-of-payment offences, and interference with data communications.

According to the Police, the hacker is said to  have acted as part of an international hacking network. A list of the hacked servers has been turned over to the computer security incident response team of Finland’s Communications Regulatory Authority.

Hacker illegally accessed the servers, obtained million of credit cards info, and for further investigation, Police will contact with card payment service provider Nets (formerly Luottokunta).

Police also found 3000 foreign credit cards info from the suspect’s computer and on questioning about this, he admitted that he used foreign cards for online purchases, amongst other things.

Helsinki police have engaged in joint hacking investigations with the United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation. Preliminary investigations are ongoing.



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