Latest documents released by Snowden reflect—Mexican President and Top leaders also got hunted through NSA undisclosed program called “Flatliquid”.

Eavesdropping on Mexican Country has been done by NSA for years. It hacked into the president’s public email account and gained deep insight into policymaking and the political system, Der Spiegel reported.

Spiegel reported some un-disclosed NSA programs from the documents provided by Snowden. Like a country use special forces to handle some special targets, as it is NSA has a division for particularly difficult missions called “Flatliquid”, Mexico was targeted through this special program.

Along with the “Flatliquid”—an another program named “Whitetamale” also spied on senior Mexican politicians (including presidential candidate Peña Nieto), targeting efforts to change the country’s disastrous War on Drugs.

In May 2010, the special division “Flatliquid” reported as Mission Mexico Completed. A report classified as “top secret” said: “TAO successfully exploited a key mail server in the Mexican Presidencia domain within the Mexican Presidential network to gain first-ever access to President Felipe Calderon’s public email account.”

Secret documents also revealed happiness of US intelligence agency for their success onto Mexico:

“These TAO accesses into several Mexican government agencies are just the beginning — we intend to go much further against this important target,” the document reads. It goes on to state that the divisions responsible for this surveillance are “poised for future successes.”

This revelation will affect the relationship between U.S & Mexico for sure. Let’s wait ‘n’ watch for some upcoming comments by NSA.

Pena Nieto’s predecessor as president, Felipe Calderon, was also targeted. An image from the NSA Presentation VIA- Der Spiegel

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