Right now, the latest news is coming from Syrian Electronic Army, who hacked GlobalPost—an online US news company, SEA hacked their official twitter account and website (

SEA officially announce the hack through their Twitter account, tweets read:

1. Think twice before you publish untrusted informations about Syrian Electronic Army

2. This time we hacked your website and your Twitter account, the next time you will start searching for new job :) | …

Well, after the above tweet, we can assume that this hack is against any news regarding the SEA, but still we will get info on this and update the news.

Screenshot of the twitter account of Global Post:

Screenshot provided by SEA to show ‘They were inside’:

Photo- SEA was inside the admin panel of Global Post | Via- SEA

At the time of reporting the news, twitter account was still hacked and the website was taken down (according to a screenshot provided by SEA) but now it seems to be recovered.



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