Everyone is getting amazed by Apple’s new feature in iPhone 5S that is its fingerprint sensor called Touch ID. But it looks like it can read more than just human skin.

TechCrunch demonstrated in a video—how a cat’s paw successfully bypassed the sensor.

Just like with human fingerprints, the paw would have to be programmed to the iPhone 5S for access, Mashable writes.

TechCrunch writes:

The cat’s paw worked, and while it encountered more frequent failures than did a fingerprint, it was able to unlock the phone again repeatedly when positioned correctly on the sensor. Note that no other paw pads would unlock the device, and that cats essentially have unique “fingerprints” just like people, so this doesn’t make the Touch ID sensor any less secure.

TC also tested the 5s fingerprint sensor on the heel of my palm, as well as on the inside of my forearm up around the wrist and successfully (registered & unlocked.)

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Til now, we don’t see any full hack of fingerprint sensor. However, a group of hackers have pledged to reward the first successful hacker with $13,000, more than $800 worth of Bitcoin, a pornographic book and a few bottles of wine, tequila, bourbon and whiskey.


Last week, a report by Wall Street Journal said—Apple customers who wish the use Touch ID also have to create a passcode as a backup. Only that passcode (not a finger) can unlock the phone if the phone is rebooted or hasn’t been unlocked for 48 hours.

Video demonstration by TC:

VIA– TechCrunch|Mashable|Wall Street Journal


  1. I don’t understand this article. If you trained the phone to register the cats paw, then the phone is working exactly as designed.

  2. Pls show the whole process ! How do v know if the phone was preprogrammed to b unlocked with that cats paws ! Stupid ! Only an idiot like Marc would fall for this


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