Photo- An Example of Fingerprint Scanner

As you know that Apple’s New iPhone 5S is coming to market with its many amazing and rumored features. It has also a Fingerprint Sensor which is already discussed by many websites but we will discuss about how it can be hacked.

Some of the iPhone rumors are claiming that it won’t be capable of making payments at retail locations. Right now some of the merchants are already allowing SmartPhones to make purchases and it is possible to use Paypal instead of the Credit cards and some also will allow Near Field Communication (NFC) feature of the smartphones for transactions.

According to a website, iPhone 5S to Have Fingerprint Scanner and NFC on the Home Button.

But the fact is, Android NFC implementations have some security flaws still being worked out, if Fingerprint Scanner will be used to making purchases then your new iPhone 5S could make a trouble for you, so it’s probably a good thing the iPhone fingerprint scanner can’t be used for making purchases.

Wired writes:

Apple would be smart to add biometric technology to the iPhone. Fingerprint authentication is a good balance between convenience and security for a mobile device.

Biometric systems are seductive, but the reality isn’t that simple. They have complicated security properties. For example, they are not keys. Your fingerprint isn’t a secret; you leave it everywhere you touch.

Well the good news for you is that the iPhone 5S will still have the traditional PIN password as a fallback. Better, the iPhone fingerprint scanner system has a processor and storage separate from the iPhone 5S CPU, meaning it should be more difficult to hack.

Are you worried about your New iPhone 5S?


  1. What a misleading piece of Crap for a Title, to this NON article. This is a useless article with a sensationalist headline just to waste peoples time and raise your web site stats.

    I will not bother to click any links to your site in the future. Try writing some actual articles that have some sort of value instead of this crap. WASTE OF TIME

  2. Yeah this is bad. First, learn proper grammar. Second, anything can be hacked. The question is what would someone do with a fingerprint?


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