You can call him a Researcher or a Hacker who hacked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg‘s timeline and post about the exploit over there, in our last report of the researcher Khalil from Palestine who hacked the timeline, facebook replied him back after the hack that they will not reward him as he violated the site’s terms of service. “We do hope, however, that you continue to work with us to find vulnerabilities in the site,”

But the fact behind the Vulnerability was, the researcher Khalil wanted money, we are not saying this, we found a screenshot  from Facebook in which Khalil was saying:

“I Need Money that’s why i reported it and will not do it again regards”

The above lines were said during a chat with Anonghost Team (A Hacker Group)

Mauritania Attacker from the Anonghost Team also posted that the guy Khalil messaged me many times, to know how to report a vulnerability to Facebook security team but i told him do not report it , you gonna just waste your time :3 because i reported thousands of exploit to facebook and they do not reply to Muslims :v :v :v and do not forget that you are from Palestine , if he was smart he would make the exploit priv8 and buy it :) if he needs money :D

Facebook refused to award Khalil but he seems to be very sad after this issue.

As Facebook said that we were unable to understand the issue Khalil talking about after that facebook will make two changes:

(1) We will improve our email messaging to make sure we clearly articulate what we need to validate a bug

(2) we will update our whitehat page with more information on the best ways to submit a bug report.



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